Pest Control Professionals

Giving Kelowna BC and Okanagan Valley safer home and business environments and safeguarding people’s health are the main objectives we strive to meet when we provide expert pest control. We handle a wide variety of pests that can become threats to people’s health and to the structural integrity of Kelowna’s residences and commercial buildings. Solutions we provide are long lasting and safe as we strive to have the most positive impact on the environment as possible, while enhancing and safeguarding people’s safety and lessening property damage.

Rodents are Especially Troublesome

Anyone who has ever walked into a room and watched a rat or mouse scurry across their path is familiar with the unsettled and uncomfortable feelings of knowing they’re sharing their indoor space with rodents. Rats and mice tend to come indoors during the winter months to escape the frigid temperatures. They’re usually attracted to areas where they’ll be able to find food, water and places that are useful for nesting purposes. Rats and mice can leave behind telltale signs that they’ve been indoors in a specific area and these signs include:

– Gnawed Areas – Both rats and mice must practice gnawing behaviors to keep their incisor teeth filed down

– Marks on Soft Metals – Rats especially are attracted to metals like soft aluminum. Once you discover larger teeth marks in areas where soft metals are present, you may have a problem with rats

– Fur Marks – A telltale sign of a rat or mouse infestation is the black fur marks that are greasy looking in appearance. A habit that rodents have is leaving dirty, smear marks along the areas they’ve been using to travel. These marks can be very noticeable in areas like underneath roof joints

– Droppings Left Behind – You’ll notice piles of droppings left behind by rodents that normally make people want to find effective rodent control as soon as possible. Left unchecked, rodent droppings can cause illness and trigger allergy symptoms in sensitive people

– Chewed Wires – Mice especially are known for chewing on and through wiring, causing a myriad of problems with electrical systems, including shorting out appliances, damaging electrical systems, and causing power outages.

Handling a rodent problem with cutting-edge rodent control becomes even more critical when you realize the ability rodents have to carry and spread serious debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Simply breathing air infected by rodent droppings can cause serious illnesses like Hantavirus, a respiratory illness that can eventually lead to respiratory failure. Unpleasant things like the urine spots, droppings and saliva left behind by rodents can also cause serious illnesses like Plague and Tularemia. The smartest move is always to call on experts who are well-trained in the latest methods and best practices in effective rodent control.

Damage Caused by Termites and Carpenter Ants

Both carpenter ants and termites are effective destroyers of wood structures and know how to cause extensive damage to wooden furnishings. One big difference in the damage they do is that termites eat the wood while carpenter ants burrow through it creating a network of tunnels. The wood that is most vulnerable to both of these destructive pests is wood that is damp and has begun the process of rotting. When you’re trying to decide if you have damage from these pests, it pays to search in damp areas or areas where leaks are present. Look for telltale signs like these:

– Piles of Frass Pellets – You might notice pellet shaped granules in small piles. They’ll be smaller than grains of rice and come in several colors. Colors can range from brown to cream color, black or even reddish-brown.

– Wings that Have Been Discarded – Wings that you find on windowsills, in spider webs, or near wooden structures might have been discarded during insect swarming and mating.


– Bubbling and Blistered Wood – Wood surfaces that have a bubbled or blistered appearance can be a sign of burrowing insects. Tapping on surfaces with the end of a screwdriver often yields a hollow sound which also lets you know you have an infestation.

The best way to find a carpenter ant infestation is to begin a thorough inspection of suspect areas starting from the ground up, paying special attention to any areas where water has been leaking and soaking into wood. Professional help from pest control experts is always your best solution to handle an infestation of carpenter ants and other burrowing insects. Getting them early is the best way to prevent extensive damage to your home or commercial building structures.

Other Concerning Pests to Pay Attention To

Homes and businesses in and around Kelowna BC in the Okanagan Valley can also be affected by other pests like spiders and bedbugs. Some of these insect infestations can be stopped or curbed with treatments like fumigating while others may need spraying of specially formulated insecticides that are tailored to eliminate the exact pests that are causing concern. Specially created glue traps can also be used to get rid of spiders. Bedbugs can be especially concerning due to their ability to latch onto hosts and to travel sometimes long distances. This is why places like hotels experience problems with bedbugs. Homes and businesses are not exempt, however, when it comes to these pests.

Foggers and fumigating can be helpful, but other precautionary steps like the use of traps can also be taken to lessen threats from bedbugs and spiders. The brown recluse spider, wolf spiders and the black widow spider are especially concerning, particularly once they make their way indoors. You need help from a professional with knowledge and experience to tackle problems caused by venomous and even non-venomous spiders and bedbugs. It’s important to differentiate between spider bites and bedbug bites so the right treatment can be done. Expert technicians well-versed in the best practices in pest control will be able to identify exactly what pests you have and let you know the treatment that will be most effective to eliminate them.

Wasp Infestations Require Special Handling and Care

Once you realize you have a problem with wasps, your first thought will probably lean towards the best ways to get rid of them. Using specially created traps can work, but when you realize that wasps are there in larger numbers, it’s always best to rely on professional help to get rid of them. Experts in pest control know exactly how to handle wasps safely and effectively. Trying to do it yourself can result in exposing yourself to stings. When stings happen in large numbers, the resulting injuries and reactions can be life threatening, especially in sensitive individuals who are allergic to stings.

When it comes to handling and removing wasp nests, it’s best to let a professional pest control technician tackle the job. If your wasp nest is indoors, it is always best to leave its removal up to experts. Professionals will have the knowledge and skill to reach and remove nests, especially when they are built in a place that’s difficult to get to. We are experts at handling the intricacies of dealing with wasps and their nests and we’re happy to help solve your wasp problems. We also have skills that let us do the job safely without exposing you or your loved ones to any unnecessary risks.

Rely on Local Pest Control Experts for Top Quality Service and Solutions

Professional experts in pest removal and pest control have the knowledge, equipment and specially formulated insecticides to handle any pest control job quickly and effectively. Relying on local Kelowna BC and Okanagan Valley pest control experts gives you advantages like these:

– Personalized Service – Our experts will come out to your residence or place of business and evaluate your unique pest control issue and develop a custom-tailored plan to tackle any pest problem. In addition, local providers have the advantage of being able to return periodically to re-evaluate your situation and to let you know if you have any new pest problems, or if the solutions that were used are still effectively controlling the pests you have

– Regional Knowledge – Our pest control experts know all the nuances of Kelowna BC and Okanagan Valley and the specific pests that are causing issues for people at any given time. We’re also aware of conditions that are conducive to pests like local weather conditions, rainfall amounts and types of food that pests in the local area can find

– Well Trained Technicians – Our technicians are trained in all the latest state-of-the-art methods and insecticide solutions that are most effective to use depending on the types of pests you have

– A Trusted Reputation – A local pest control company will have built a reputation that they want to keep up. Check into local reviews and you’ll find that local providers are some of the most trusted providers of high-quality pest control

– No Nationwide Marketing – Local companies have the advantage that they don’t need to try to sell services and goods that are being marketed by a nationwide company. They are free to use the solutions and pest control methods that they have found to be effective for their customers

– More Flexibility in Scheduling – You may find that local providers of pest control services are able to give you more flexibility in scheduling your treatments and visits than a larger, national chain provider would be able to Local providers of pest control are often very knowledgeable and willing to take extra time to go over treatments that they intend to do and to answer any questions you may have. Technicians hired for local pest control companies are often area residents themselves. They’re trustworthy and exhibit a high level of professionalism. Getting references and looking over feedback from satisfied customers are good ways to gauge whether you’re getting high-quality service.

Professional Pest Control Solutions are Your Best Option

Dedicated professionals are the ones you want to rely on when you need specialized pest control services like fumigating. Services like this are too dangerous and fraught with too many things that could potentially go wrong for you to try to tackle them on your own. You never want to risk injury or being exposed to too many chemicals. Relying on professionals helps to ensure your continued good health and the health and well-being of your loved ones.

Pest Control Professionals

Experts in pest control know all the risks inherent in providing professional pest control services and know how to take protective measures to lessen those risks. You want your pest control service to come with as little risk to you and your family as possible. Insecticide solutions used today are often eco-friendly and safe for use around children and pets. Professionals will know the amounts of insecticides to use that will be effective to eliminate pests without harming the surrounding environment. Using the services of professional pest control providers gives you peace of mind that you really are getting rid of pests in the safest and most effective way possible.

Relax Knowing Your Pest Issues are Solved

You have a busy schedule and relying on professional pest control providers takes one more task off your plate. Your time is freed up to concern yourself with other important concerns once you know you have a truly reliable pest control service to handle any pest issues you have now and any issues that come up in the future. You want to have the healthiest and most pest-free home possible. Professional pest control services let you know that you’re doing everything possible to provide a healthier environment for your family.

You may not always need to use noxious, strong chemicals to solve your pest problem. A professional technician will always use the most effective method and solutions possible without causing extra risk to you or your family. Rely on us for a truly comprehensive pest solution in Kelowna BC and Okanagan Valley.